EPW map bug - searching for a specific weather file prevents that dot from reacting to clicks

Hi all,

I may have found a bug with the epw map. Everything works well if I search for generic locations, but if I search for the exact weather file name, say OHare International Airport, I’m not able to right click the file to get the link. I’m using Chrome.

To make things stranger, it only appears to affect the weather file location searched. I just searched for Willow Run Airport outside of Detroit, and automatically selected the “Willow Run Airport, Willow Run Airport, Ypsilanti, MI, USA” that auto-populates in the search bar. The nearby Ann Arbor and Detroit weather files are active, but not the Willow Run tmy3 file. ??

Good find @LelandCurtis! I’ve experienced this bug before but never connected the dots that it occurs only when you search for a specific airport. Anyway, I just tried the epwmap and can confirm your description of the bug seems right.

Good find! Turns out that Google Maps create an object on top of all the objects in canvas which covers the station circle.

The quick solution was to drag the map a little bit and then I could click on the circle. This is a bug though and we should find a fix.