Epw map doesn't open in Internet Explorer 10

Hi all,

The epw map will not open properly in IE 10. The website spins up, but then freezes. I cannot search or scroll. Everything works fine in Chrome. I am thinking of creating my own python node to automatically open in Chrome, even if IE is the default browser. Perhaps the openEPW component could be changed to try opening in Chrome if it is installed, and then go to other web browsers?

I might be the only person left who uses Internet Explorer, but if not, this would be a nice tweak.

HI @LelandCurtis,
Doing the following will do the trick

import webbrowser as wb
if _download:
   url = 'http://www.ladybug.tools/epwmap/'
   chrome_path="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe"
   wb.register('chrome', None,wb.BackgroundBrowser(chrome_path),1)
   print 'Happy downloading!'
   print 'Set download to true...'



Thank you. This is perfect.