EPW Map Release

Hi all,

Before I miss it for this year, here is a short notice for the longest night of the year!

In celebration of #WinterSolstice I started a new #opensource project: epwmap!

#epwmap is an interactive map to access and download EPW weather files hosted on US Department of Energy website.

You can check it live here: http://mostapharoudsari.github.io/epwmap/ http://ladybug-tools.github.io/epwmap/

The project is less than a day old and is a work in progress. At some point soon, this page will makes access to weather data easier for everyone. As always any suggestions/comments/help is much appreciated!

We will send a longer post with more details about the development and new features soon.

Happy Winter/Summer Solstice! #Yalda

Cheers, Mostapha

That’s Great Bro. Happy Winter/Summer Solstice! #Yalda

Good News.

Happy Yalda, too.

Nice one Mostapha.
Happy Yalda

Mostapha, happy holidays and do hope to meet you at the RhinoDAY soon!