EPW map weather file issue - no AHSRAE climate zone for some files

Hi all,

Found an odd error. The ASHRAE climate zones are not coming out of the importStat node correctly.

See Pontiac-Oakland County INTL Airport vs Oakland Co INTL Airport in Michigan.

Oakland Co stat file:

Pontiac Oakland County stat file:

It’s possible that the correct stat file is from a weather file I ran previuosly. It seems that all new files I choose do not read the ASHRAE zone properly. Do others have this issue?

Hi @LelandCurtis, Thank you for reporting this issue. Is the second one the one hosted on http://climate.onebuilding.org/? If that is the case I can let them know about this issue. We should also check and see if their STAT file has a slightly different structure from the DOE one.

cc: @chris

@mostapha , I thought at first that the issue was related to the hosting site, because no ONEBUILDING-hosted files give the ASHRAE zones. However, the same error occurs with some (not all) DOE hosted file.

DOE files with issues that I have found:
Altoona PA, Johnstown PA.

Do those two files work for you?

@LelandCurtis ,

Sorry for the late response here. It seems that many of the .stat files hosted by climate.onebuilding.org don’t have the ASHRAE climate zone within the file while the vast majority of DOE-hosted ones do have the AHSRAE climate zone. Stat files have a lot less structure to them than .epw or .ddy files so it is pretty normal to find cases where certain stat files don’t have certain types of data. In these case, you see that the stat component will just give you a null.

I think the best that I can recommend now is to just pick EPW files that say “Download from DOE” on epwmap if you know that you will need the ASHRAE climate zone information.

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