EPW not found 404 ERROR


I am trying to download the epw of Tabuk (Saudi Arabia) from the epwmap but I keep getting the 404 error while trying to.

Can you help in any way?

Thank you in advance!

If it is not available you can make it by your own data with elements or you can use meteonorm to have the epw file with your location data.

Marhaba Yasmina!

I can download the Tabuk file just fine, did you try downloading the EPW directly from the climate.onebuilding.org site and using the file locally?

Also, you could try downloading EPWs from this interactive tool by the European Commission that I got from this post (Where to find .epw weather data). Sadly it doesn’t feature the whole globe but, lucky you, your region is available.

Marhaba Gspahr!

Thank you so much, super helpful, I was able to download them directly from the site!

Hello @MingboPeng and @mostapha, I believe the above 404 error refers to a few broken hyperlinks in the epwmap that were plugged to the TMYx.2003-2017 files but ever since the TMYx.2004-2018 update on climate.onebuilding the links became obsolete. Hopefully there is an easy way to fix this?