EPW period error

I choose a period in this example from 02 Jan 08:00 to 02 Jan 12:00 where wind speed list is:
0,0,1,0,1.5 , but using the output period with import epw give different wind speed from 7:00h to 11:00h
How to fix that?


epw error.gh (35.5 KB)

I don’t know what interface you are using look at the tabular EPW data like that but it doesn’t seem to be interpreting the EPW datetimes correctly, which start from 1:00 (1 AM) on January 1st and not 0:00 (12 AM). I think that’s causing the tabular data to be off by one hour from the actual datetimes in the EPW. If you open your EPW file in Excel, you’ll see that the value for noon on that day is actually 0 and not 1.5.

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I used this tool to view the EPW file and to edit it, there is an option to change start hour but it change only the first month in the list