EPW Weather Station

Hi community. I just recieve a mexican science found for develop a DYS Weather Station that can gather data to create EPW files.

In México as in many places doens´t exist the proper infrastructure for gahtering weather data.
The files in the energy plus page are until 2004, and the weather files that can be bought are interpolations mostly form airports, so it´s very hard to acquire good local data.
I was wondering if some of you have son experience in creating EPW, and what recomendations can you give me for this project.

Any thing that can help.

Hopely can be a model that can be replicated.

Also if someone wants to join the research team you´re very welcome.

Thank you

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Have a look at meteonorm database and manuals.



I would definitely recommend that you check out the Ladybug[+] API:

You will see that we have python objects for parsing and editing EPW files. Over the next month, I will be adding some more methods and properties to the EPW object to make it easier to build EPW files from raw data (adding in missing values if you don’t have certain types of data) and so I recommend you keep an eye on the Ladybug core repo to see the latest changes.

A key question I would ask is if you will be including pyranometers with these DIY weather stations to measure solar radiation. Pyranometers are often the most expensive part of weather stations and so I know they are often excluded. If they are excluded, you will probably have to use the zhang-huang solar model to estimate solar radiation for your epw files.

I could also point you to other sources of EPW files as @FrehelDenis mentioned but it sounds like you are after a different type of resource.


Thank you Chris, i´ll check the links.
I´m still defining what instruments will have, and I hope I can find son accesible Pyranometers.