EPW2WEA Honeybee [+] Error

Hello, I just installed honeybee [+] for radiation analysis. I get this error message and I can not find topic which has solved this. Thanks.

05_annual_radiation_gridbased(1).gh (426.5 KB)

@aishanuraaa I also get the same error massage. This may be a bug.I have back to HoneybeePlus 0.0.04. It worked nice.

I also took a look. Updating the HBplus installation gets rid of this error however it introduces new bugs in other components. I would recommend going with @minggangyin’s advice for now.

ok guys, thanks for helping it works!

@devang ,

The most recent version of HoneybeePlus and LadybugPlus components work (unless there’s some small bug that we missed in one of the components). I think the likely reason why you think updating the components introduces new bugs is that you have to run the update component and restart Rhino/Grasshopper twice in order to actually get the most recent version. This is because the update component has, itself, been updated.

If you still get issues even after that, let us know and we can fix them.

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