Equipment & Lightning outputs dissapeared from Read EP results

Hi everyone,

I am running some tests in a residential unit. The tests were running smoothly and suddenly the electric and lighting outputs disappeared. When this happened there was no change done to any input related to them or the outputs set up. Since then I haven’t been able to get those outputs back.

They are in the EP Output and in the IDF, but they do not appear in the CSV with the results. The simulation is affected by them, as I can see in the temperatures profile how the equipment kicks in (the lighting is very efficient, so I couldn’t say for sure).

From the IDF:

Any idea of what can be happening? Any help will be appreciated.


@JuliaT ,

That is very odd. Based on the fact that they are in the IDF but not in the CSV, I am left to believe that something is happening with the Epl-run.bat file that is used to execute the simulations within honeybee. We would know for sure if the lighting/equipment results were in the .eso file but not in the .csv. In any case, for something like this where it seems something broke with your EnergyPlus installation, the best solution is probably just to reinstall OpenStudio.

Thanks for that Chris.

Indeed I used an older version of Open studio and it worked. I had just installed the newest one to get rid of the PINVOKE error, and I guess something went wrong in the process.

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Hi, I am having the same issue. With my Openstudio 3.0.0 it works fine, but my work computer installed with Openstudio 3.1.0 does not output the elec equip and elec light load, although I used the same script. I wonder if this issue has been resolved yet.

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