Error Bringing Therm Solution back to Grasshopper


I love the Therm Tool in Honeybee - makes creating Therm geometry so much easier. Thank you Mostapha & Chris (& whoever else worked on this - its a killer app). I’m currently running a Therm analysis on an aluminum window assembly - and it ran fine in therm (pdf solution attached). However, when I try to bring it back into grasshopper, I get an error message (index out of range exception). I’d appreciate any help with the reason for the error.



CONSTANT7d_AL_FRM_thmx.pdf (3.41 MB)


Try updating your file. Yours is dated more than a year ago (from the image you sent).



That seems to have solved the issue.



A follow up question - do you know how to add to the therm material library in honeybee? I tried changing the file called thermMaterial.csv in the roaming appdata ladybug folder, but it doesn’t do anything.