Error - Dump HB objects with shading controlled by Schedule

Hi all,

I´ve run into an issue which seems a minor bug on the Dump Honeybee Objects component.

I´m trying to dump a thermal zone with a shading control applied to it, which is controlled by a schedule. The Dump component works fine if the shading control is set to a temperature or solar rad setpoint, but as long as there is a schedule connected to it, the issue comes back.

I´ve recreated the issue on this file:

Dump HB Object with (512.9 KB)

Does anyone have any ideas on how to move on?


Thanks for reporting and providing a file with re-created issue. Looking into this.

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@RafaelA, can you give this a try Dump HB Object with (517.3 KB) ?

that worked, thanks!

I´ve checked the whole workflow dump and load HBobjects and exporting to OS. Looking in E+ the shading schedule is there. :slight_smile: