Error from the custom weather file and some of weather file works differently, why?

Hi everyone,

I am dealing an error (fig 1) caused by custom weather file which is from my town (this weather file is not available online). So, I have tried using other three online weather files and they all works (I have also put them all in C: ladybug folder). So, I think the problem is because of the my custom weather file which should be formatted or edited in particular way. Please anyone can give me an idea how to fix this.

Besides, when I tried a weather file of Jakarta, it didn’t work (fig 2) and it required DDY to attached. When I attached the DDY file in the same folder, it works! (Figure 3). What makes me curious is that why some weather files I tried (e.g. Singapore and Semarang) don’t need DDY file to attached while another one does it?

error honeybee 4

Anyway, I received Singapore weather file from EnergyPlus website while Semarang and Jakarta (fig 3) are from this website Although Semarang and Jakarta are from the same source, but they work differently (Jakarta needs DDY to attach). Meanwhile, I got Yogyakarta weather file from my college and in the past I used it in another BES software.

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