Error generating probes Butterfly with complex space

Hello everyone,

I am having trouble simulating with butterfly an “U” shaped hallway of an apartment building which has two inlets and one outlet. I´ve previously ran other simulations successfully even on the same gh file, so I don’t think it is an installation problem. When I ran the simulation I get this message:

  1. Solution exception:Failed to load values:
    Failed to find probes folder folder at C:\Users\EOSIS\butterfly\yumana3\postProcessing\probes

I did several runs trying to simplify the geometry without success, other than running a straight hallway with only one inlet and one outlet.

I would really appreciate if you have any ideas to simulate it. I´m attaching a snapshot of the error and my rhino and gh files.

Thanks in advance
Arturo (427.1 KB)
TEST_02_0_indoor_airflow.3dm (2.3 MB)


I strongly believe this is happening due to insufficient meshing.

Following is the image of your mesh with snap turned off (FALSE) on snappyHexDict.

When I turn the snap on (TRUE) , I get the following;

Clearly, this mesh is not sufficient. Some probes land outside the mesh.

Therefore, please spend some time refining your mesh and you should have success in your simulation.

Whenever the geometry is not orthogonal and parallel to the XY in Rhino, snap should turned on (set to TRUE) in my opinion.

Thank you very much @devang!

I’ll do as you suggest .