Error import EPW LBT1.2

Hi @chris @mostapha,

I am trying to import EPW files with the import_EPW.
With the old tool I had no problems but with the new LBT it gives an error.
The same problem occures with the import ddy.
The simulations run perfectly on this file.
What could be the issue here? (168.0 KB)

@Erikbeeren ,

The EPW you uploaded is pretty clearly missing some of its numerical data as the error message suggests. From what I can see, the issue seems to be in EPW field 27: Present Weather Codes. It looks like some of the weather codes are completely missing from the file while others are present:

Has it been changed? I generated these 3 years ago. And with the simulations they still work perfect.

I mean, it’s technically invalid for the EPW file schema. Some programs prefer to let the error pass silently (eg. EnergyPlus) while others report the error to you (eg. Ladybug Tools).

Am I understanding that you don’t have an interest in fixing your EPW file and you just want a hack to get it to import? If so, you can just replace this line your ladybug.epw module:

with the follwoing:

'type': str,

Maybe if I knew that a lot of EPW files were violating the schema like this, I would loosen the error reporting that happens upon EPW import. Can you share where this file came from and whether there are a lot of others like it?

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