ERROR in Annual Daylighting Analysis

Hi I just installed latest versions of Ladybug and Honey bee, plus Radiance and other reccomended software and plug ins, when I launch the annual dayligthing analysis it doesn’t go true, showing a bounch of errors, my user name has white space, can this be the issue?
please help me of tell me how can I do to fix it.
I have latest versions of Rhino that comes with grasshopper already installed

If you’re using LBT 1.5, then this is almost certainly not the issue since version 1.5 can handle white spaces in file paths.

What is the specific error that you are getting from the component?

Hi Chris,
thanks for replying,
this is the whole error message that appears when I run the “annual daylight” recipe:

  1. Solution exception:The recipe failed to run with the following summary:

Scheduled 11 tasks of which:

  • 4 ran successfully:
    • 1 CreateDirectSky(…)
    • 1 CreateRadFolder(…)
    • 1 CreateSkyDome(…)
    • 1 CreateTotalSky(…)
  • 1 failed:
    • 1 GenerateSunpath(…)
  • 6 were left pending, among these:
    • 6 had failed dependencies:
      • 1 CalculateAnnualMetrics(…)
      • 1 CalculateTwoPhaseMatrix(…)
      • 1 LetAnnualDaylightFly(…)
      • 1 ParseSunUpHours(…)
      • 1 PrepareMultiphase(…)

This progress looks :frowning: because there were failed tasks

Use the report_out attribute of recipe settings to see a full report.

Apparently, the issue is in generating the sun path, I found other people had same issue, in this post:

Hi @FrancescoEmanuele,

Are you able to share the log file? You can see an example of where to find the file in the post that you linked to.

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