Error in cumulative sky component

I am getting this error “1. Solution exception:Local variable ‘w’ referenced before assignment” on the cumulative sky component. I recently reinstalled LB/HB in my computer, if that helps
Thanks in advance

It’s a minor bug that we haven’t fixed. It doesn’t affect the component and the workflow. You need to Let the Ladybug and Honeybee fly! and then recalculate the file.

Thank you Mostapha! Apparently, the system can’t access GitHub and I have to copy the file manually…

Hi Mostapha!
Unfortunately I get the same error when i try to generate a cumulative sky in honeybee, I let both honeybee and ladybug fly again but it doesn’t work, any idea?
Many thanks!

Gen cum (461.4 KB)

It works for me @amedeoscofone

What error do you get when you open this file?
Gen cum (463.1 KB)

Hi Chris,
I getting the same error as Mili “1. Solution exception:Local variable ‘w’ referenced before assignment”.
Maybe is related to the fact that my admin rights were revoked? Thanks.

Yes, I think it must be related. What worked for me was to manually save the files from GitHub (not food for rhino). This only needs to happen once

Drop ladybug_ladybug and honeybee_honeybee components on canvas so you will see the real error message.

Hi Mostapha,

I did it already and I still get the same error. I also get an error from the honeybee honeybee component as i don’t have open studio installed, but I it shouldn’t be related. Thanks.


The image is not clear enough to read the error. Can you supply another snapshot please?

Hi Devang,
here’s another screenshot!


Similar to @chris, this works at my end as well. Which LB HB version are you using? Is the weather file being downloaded right? Did you try restarting Rhino & GH?

I am using the latest versions 0.0.63 and 0.0.66.
Yes, the weather file is downloaded correctly and i tried this several times but i still get the same error.

This is really strange. I have encountered this error several time. Every time I put LB_LB and HB_HB on canvas, this error disappears.

Can you double click on the component and run it and capture the full error report? Not sure what’s going on in your case.

Hi Mostapha,
I have re installed the latest version of lb and hb and now it seems it’s working when I drag the HB_HB component again on the canvas! Thanks all for your help

Hi everyone.
I have a diferent problem. The GenCumulativeSky can’t find the epw file. But in other analysis my epw file worked fine.
What could it be?
Thanks in advance

From the picture you shared nothing seems out of place. Can you try in a new file?

Hi Devang
Yes, I tried.

I can’t upload files cause I’m a new member. If it is not ask to much, could anyone try the epw of my city? It’s São João del-Rei, Brazil