Error in Dump HB GBXML component

Hi there! We’re having some trouble using the Dump HB GBXML component in ladybug v1.2. The model builds and exports to OpenStudio but the conversion fails with the error…

“Failed to import honeybee_energy: Cannot import name to _gbxml_osw”

We tried updating all components to v1.3 but then encountered another issue - the Outdoor condition on our exterior faces was not being recognized, so the AddSubsurface component was failing to attach our windows (from Aperture) to the exterior walls. Reversing the update using the Versioner resolved the AddSubsurface area - once again, we added our Apertures to a parent Room - but the original error with the Dump HB GBXML component persisted. Any ideas for how to address this?

This is a strange error. Can you check the OpenStudio installation and ensure it is not blocked. You can go to the OpenStudio installation folder %username%\ladybug-tools\openstudio\bin. Open a command line and type openstudio --version - Does it return the version?

gbXML export capability was not available in LBT 1.2 and it was released with LBT 1.3 as you can see in the release notes:

Do you want to describe what issue you’re having with adding sub surfaces? Or upload a sample file that recreates it? Also note that you need to run the LB Sync Grasshopper File component to sync the components on the canvas with your currently installed version.

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