Error in Ladybug 1.4.0 - division by zero

Hi everyone! I was using the LBT 1.4.0 for a radiation study. The script run correctly up to yesterday when - after a wrong shut down of my notebook - all the LBT components were not working because Rhino could not import Ladybug (1. Solution exception: Failed to import ladybug:).
I uninstalled and reinstalled the same version and now every component seems to work but when I run the analysis (LB incident radiation) it gives me an error “1. Solution exception:Attempted to divide by zero.”.
How can I fix it? The script was absolutely the same but now I can’t run my analysis.

Can you give us the full report out of the component? Or upload a file that can recreate the issue?

Dear Chris, thank you for your reply; the full report is the following:
“Runtime error (DivideByZeroException): Attempted to divide by zero.
Traceback: line 149, in script”
It seems that the len(total_sky_rad) is 0 despite I don’t have any other error in the algorithm.

If you need the full file, I can upload it but I need just more time to clean it because currently it is very messy.

Dear @chris, you can find an excerpt of the algorithm with only the components that seem to have issues applied to a couple of supersimple surfaces. Do you have any idea of how to fix this issue? (34.1 KB)