Error in resultfileaddress component

Hi, I am fairly new at ladybug tools when I try to run energy simulation I get the error “1. The result file does not exist.”. I attached a panel to readme to know the details the screenshot of which is attached. I downloaded theexample file from this link,0

The file is attached for your reference EnergyPlus_Simulation(3).zip (605.8 KB)
I installed “Ladybug 0.0.68 and Honeybee 0.0.65 [Legacy Plugins]
Radiance to C:\Radiance
Daysim 4.0 to C:\DAYSIM
OpenStudio 2.9.1 to c:
Berkeley Therm 7.6
[falsecolor2.exe]to C:\Radiance\bin

I hoped to get an early reply so that I can continue learning ladybug tools.

Do you mind sending an updated file? The date of your file is 31.12.2019 while the image above shows components from 1.1.2020.
It just looks suspicious to me and want to be sure before opening it.

Here is the file again. The file is a sample downloaded from the given site(link in first post) (606.6 KB)

The file run just fine at my end.
From your image above i see that even though the run input is set to True, the simulation didn’t run. The readme! output is showing just a portion of what it needs to show.
Can you input a panel with the EPW file location to the epwWeatherFile input instead of the output of the Open weather file component?

Also, could there be installation errors?

Well. i would try to debug as much of it as i can. As i said, it worked fine for me. I asked to input a panel with the epw location (which you didn’t). It probably won’t help but i will do. BTW, the image above doesn’t correspond to the file linked previously.
Next and obvvious question: Does the simulation runs? From previous image i said that it doesn’t since the readme output is very short in content and doesn’t show that it run.
Hard to help when the file works for one person and doesn’t for other …

I couldn’t understood because there was no epw location individual component.

Anyways, the simulation didn’t run and gave the error. I suspect there could be installation problem because merely dragging the ladybug tools does not work. I had to put various files into the folders to get them working as directed by various posts on this forum.