Error in running energy plus


i was using honeybee for energy modeling, when i want to run EP it shows an error which i don’t know what does the problem say. would anyone help me at this ?


To avoid the issue in general you should name the zones differently when you are creating the zones.
And also make sure HB_surfaces doesn’t have similar names.


Hi Omid
thank you, but all zones named differently and all HB_Surfaces don’t have similar names.
Unfortunetly i can’t upload my file here cause i’m new.
I really don’t know where the issue is coming from.


You need to check the inputs and outputs that you defined in zones / HB_srfaces to figure-out and solving duplicated data.
you can upload and share the link in google drive.


also the error from the first line to the 26th is about dupp surfaces but i dont think the problem is from this.
if you notice the error form the line 36 is the main error which i cant solve.


It is coming from your Occupant Activity schedule … and I imagine it can be a minor bug … you have to assign a default schedule from the library…

I think @mostapha should take a look at this error, it happened for me several times and I fixed it by assigning an activity schedule as the error is regarding to the ‘‘EPZonePeople’’…


Thank you @AMIRTABADKANI but i don’t think the problem was from the handmade activity schedule. it was from the zone program which we named “MidriseApartment::Corridor” i changed them to “MidriseApartment:Apartment” then i’ve got some other errors in running EP.

One of them is about importing weather file, which is imported. and so many erros!
thank you


It is strange… The error which is coming from that specific building peogram occurs when you want to assign internal loads and comes with a severe error as ‘‘isLoadAssigned’’…

For your error You shouldnt put your epw file in a folder that there is unusual characters like farsi in its path… Or shouldn’t have white spaces…


Actually! it’s weird for me too.
thank you Master @AMIRTABADKANI the problem for .epw solved because of what you said.
but still there is an error for solar distribution. what does it mean and how can i solve this ?


It is not an error , it is a warning that you can skip it if the running is for energy purposes but to solve it , you have to simplify your model…

[Non-Convex Zone]


Thank you so much Master @AMIRTABADKANI.
I think problem solved.