Error in Running in Radiance Analysis on HB[+]

Hi there
I have a problem in running Radiance Analysis in HB[+] whereas with this file and algorithm on another system, with the same version of Rhino, Grasshopper, HB, LB, HB[+] , Radiance, with this file I have no error!!!
What should I do to solve this problem?!
thanks in advance.

Error : 1. Solution exception:write() takes at most 3 arguments (4 given)

hello @zaanaa,
update the radiance to 5.3, it should work fine.
here is the link

Thanks dear @Teja5zz
But as I mentioned, I’ve installed the last version of applications and plugin on Both of systems, but in one of them, my algorithm run well, but on another one I get this error!
I really confuised :frowning:

after updating,Please restart your system once. Maybe it should solve.

I’ve done, but unfortunately it doesn’t work to me.

I’m getting the same error and created a post about this here:

This seemed to happen for me once I installed the new versions of HB + LB. It was working fine before then.

Thanks @MariaGrimm for replying
Yes, as you said this issue happened when we updated one of our systems to a last version of LBT (1.0.0), maybee it’s better if we want run HB[+] as well, should switch to HBLB legacy.
Please let me know if you find any solution or other issue about this subject.

Thanks for reporting this, @MariaGrimm and @zaanaa . The issue is that the ladybug core library that is shared by both the new LBT plugin and Honeybee[+] 0.0.06 are out of sync with one another in the releases on Food4Rhino. I just updated the .zip file for Honeybee[+] 0.0.06 that downloads from Food4Rhino so that it includes a version of the shared Ladybug library that is aligned with the new LBT plugin.

Re-running the Honeybee[+] installation and then the LBT installation will fix it but, if you already have the LBT plugin installed, a much faster way to get the fix is to just copy the honeybee_plus folder in the .zip file download to the following location:

So, copy from here:

… to here:

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Hi @chris, I’m really grateful for your guidance.
It was truly helpful. I was becoming disappointed.