Error in surface intersect/match tools in latest Honeybee release

Using latest Honeybee release (1.0.0), 4 story building, 65 thermal zones. See (236.3 KB)

I’m attempting use the Intersect Solids Tool, and plug the output into the RoomSolid tool. The intersection appears to work fine, but the RoomSolid tool gives an error “1. Solution exception:Attempted to divide by zero.”

I’ve read the forums here and here but these don’t exactly describe my problem. I’m exclusively using Honeybee tools here, not any Ladybug components.

Any idea why the RoomSolid component isn’t functioning correctly?

@justinlueker ,

I can say that, generally, the error happens because your room volumes are mis-aligned with one another by tiny amounts and this creates slivers of surfaces after intersection, which are too small to be valid for an energy model. Here you can see one for your Room at index number 43:

I can add a check that just removes the tiny Surface in the case that this happens but this will mean that your Room volumes are not closed and so it doesn’t change the fact that your geometry is not as clean as it should be for an energy model.

Generally, I would say that, if you aren’t going to go through the effort of making sure that surfaces between floors of the building align with one another so they’re intersected cleanly, then it’s probably better to only intersect the rooms within each story and then you can treat floors and ceilings as adiabatic. It’s a simplification and you’ll be missing some of the heat flow that happens between roofs and floors. But it’s much better than modeling un-clean geometry like what you have here.