ERROR - Installing Ladybug

I’m trying to install ladybug on my computer but the following error message shows after I run the _setup_python:

Runtime error (PythonException): Download failed with the error:
Unable to connect to the remote server

line 67, in download_file_by_name, “”
line 127, in script

I’m attaching a screenshot:

Thanks for all the help!

Looks like your internet connection dropped while running the installer. Make sure you’re in a place with stronger internet at try running the installer again.

Dear mr @chris

I’ve encountered the same problem while I am having a very strong and reliable internet connection.

The error is occurred during the second step.

Could you please assist on how to handle this issue.

Thank you very much.

Hm. It looks like something is blocking your connection specifically to GitHub. Are you able to manually download things by manually clicking the link below?

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Yes I am able to download the link below.

Meanwhile, I have uninstalled the rhino and grasshopper for fresh setup and now I am not able to go through even the first step.

I have noticed that doesn’t remove the legacy plugin(ver 0.0.63), is there a way to completely uninstall everything for clean setup both for v1 and older version 0.0.63 etc.?

Thank you.

Okay, so the issue has solved by turning off firewalls when installing the tools.
I think would be nice to have this small note included on the installation wiki.

Kind regards,
Amartuvshin Narangerel.


I also have a problem with the installation at the second stage. Can you help and tell me what the problem is and how it can be solved?..

Its because you have a non-ASCII character in your username, @AnykoAn1.mjhj . You can address this issue one of two ways:

  1. Create another username on your machine that has a username with only ASCII characters and install Ladybug Tools using that.


  1. Use the Pollination Single-click installer to install Ladybug Tools, which will install everything in “Program Files” so that you can get around the characters in your username.
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Hello Chris, I’m having the same problem as this thread, except I’ve already disabled my firewall, I have a stable internet connection, and I don’t have a previous version of ladybug. Here’s the display from my installation process, I hope you have some ideas on how to work it out, Thanks in advance.