Error: Microclimate Map Analysis Component not producing data

Hi All!

I’m testing out the use of the Thermal Autonomy component, however the prerequisite Microclimate Map Analysis component is not giving out any data.

I’ve gone over my component inputs and am confused as to where I am going wrong.

Any help would be appreciated. Please note that I have changed the coding to take 8.2 instead of 8.3 as our uni computers only have 8.2 for the moment

PS. excuse my file, I am also playing with the parametric iterations for running several simulations at once. (699 KB)
userCustomEPLibrary.idf (25.8 KB)


I was able to run your file without any difficulties:

I noticed that your grid size was originally very coarse, yielding only two test points for the zone but this did not stop the file from running correctly. Do you remember the error that you got? If you were running it on a computer that is not really built for parallel processing, it could have been the result of the parallel process failing. Let me know if the attached file works and, if not, what the error message is.

-Chris (700 KB)

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the quick response! Unfortunately I am still having the same issue, the error message says “Solution Exception: Index out of range: 7”. As someone very new to coding, this error is alien to me…

In reassigning the inputs, I find that it only comes up with that error when I connect the HBZones. The computer is able to do parrallel processing, the only difference I might be able to note is that we have 8.2 and not 8.3 but I don’t recall that being essential for this analysis…

Unsure why my zones would cause an issue as well, since there is only one at this stage. I will experiment a bit more, but I donnot know what that error message is meaning.

Cheers, Elly

I got it working if I disconnected the “Set Schedules” component from the workflow… but that’s not really ideal…

It isn’t possible to create your own building templates yet the way we can add original schedules? I would like to create the building schedules for NZ based on the 5 year monitored data from BEES (Building Energy End-Use Study) done by BRANZ. But I cannot make sense of all the various schedules currently in the master template and what format it needs to be in to be registered in honeybee.


I see what the issue is. It is probably something wrong with the ‘schedulesToValues’ function that the component uses to read out hourly schedule values. Out of curiosity, are you able to use the “Honeybee_Convert EnergyPlus Schedules to Values” component with the custom schedules that you have created?

As you can see, I do not have these custom schedules on my machine and so they are not being factored in when I run your file:

In order to recreate your problem, I am going to need these schedules that you have added on your machine. Could you send me the following files from you Ladybug Default Folder:



Once I have those, I should be able to re-create it and fix it for your case. At the least, I can stop the component from completely failing if an incomplete schedule has been connected.


Hi Chris,

In trying the schedules to values, the values seem to be missing

Attached are the files requested.

OpenStudioMasterTemplate.idf (1.68 MB)
userCustomEPLibrary.idf (25.8 KB)


I am so sorry for such a late reply on this. I got swept up in the last stable release before I could respond to you and I had forgotten about your issue until now.

The problem was that the Honeybee scheduleToValues function had not been written to deal with the Compact schedules that you are using in your userCustomEPLibrary. There are no Compact schedules like this in the OpenStudio Library and so it seems that it did not become an issue until now. I just added the ability to read these types of schedules into the function:…

Let me know if everything in the attached GH file is working for you when you get the chance.

-Chris (698 KB)