Error of running example -

Hello everyone,

I just installed HB+ et wanted to test the example file:

But many components are red, does anyone know why this happens? I did not modify the original file at all.

the error messages I got are :

  1. Solution exception:
    Failed to import ladybug:
    No module named

  2. Solution exception:
    Failed to import honeybee:
    No module named ladybug_geometry.geometry3d.pointvector

Thank you for your help!

In case that anyone would like to try this file: (421.3 KB)

Hi Yanmei,

I would suggest trying to update your HB+ version.

If that doesn’t help, you could download the ladybug_dotnet- and ladybug_geometry-repositories, and place them in the “\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\scripts” folder.


Good Morning Frederik,

I’ve already have the last HB+ (V0.0.04). I’ll try your second suggestion.

Thank you very much for your kind help!

Best regards,


Hi Yanmei

Did you get this running? Like you, I installed the HB+ 0.0.4 latest version but have encountered this error.

I have downloaded the repositories referenced by FrederickRasmussen, and installed the .py files in the Rhino 6 scripts directory. But, all that seems to happen is the error message changes.

the ladybug_dotnet and ladybug geometry script repositories change the errors but then the scripts are looking for the futil object and if I copy that file from the honeybee directory in the ladybug directory in the Rhino scripts directory then the HB+ object reports that it cannot find the config object.


Hi there - for anyone who has ended up at this question, looking for the error I first searched. The solution can be found here:

Chris has noted why this happens:


This issue is happening because we are restructuring the Plus plugin repositories to follow the format of all of our other Python repositories on github , so that we can distribute them more easily.

And - at the link above - you can find the solution (downloading an improved updater for Honeybee[+])

HOWEVER: (I am using the Honeybee[+] example file)

What now seems to be the problem, is that Ladybug is not finding the information it needs - probably because the path locations for ladybug are being re-organised? Having solved the ‘load the energyplus weather files’ errors early in the script, the script ran, completed the calculations and then is falling over (according to the error message) on loading geometry.

Situation as yet only partially sorted.

Hello Michael,

Like you, I do not really have solution for this problem. Maybe someone else could help us out later…