ERROR on "runDaylightAnalysis"

Hello everyone,

I’m having a problem with component runDaylightAnalysis and the balon is not helping me to solve it. It just say: “solution exception: ddc8f832-a857-4377-9418…”

Anyone knows what is this about?

Make sure you’re using the same version of Honeybee for honeybee_honeybee and the components. Looks like you have opened an older file and it has overwritten your newer solution.

I reconstruct all the model from the beginning but the error continues. (More details of the error in the image)

can you share your script?


Code_ERROR.docx (28.2 KB) (18.1 KB)

Thanks. I mean the Grasshopper file?

oh. ok. sorry (500 KB)

There are multiple small mistakes in your file but what makes it crash is the sky which is generated for hour 24! Check the attached file for a working version. (500 KB)

Omg. Such a stupid error of mine. sorry and thank you very much! :smiley: