Error Opaque Modifier 3 (rgb) in LBT 1.7

Hi all,

the Radiance Opaque Modifier 3 - utilising red, green and blue reflectances - is not working in LB 1.7.5, whereas it worked fine in the 1.6 version.
This is the error: 1. Solution exception:object cannot be interpreted as an index

Is this a bug or is there something specific I can do to solve it?


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Hi @MatteoMerli ,

Thank you for reporting this.

I suspect that this might have happened because of a change that McNeel made since I can’t find any difference between the LBT 1.6 and 1.7.5. versions of those components that could have caused this issue. Or maybe this issue was always there but people knew that they can work around it if they just pass the input of the panel through a native Grasshopper “Number” component in order to cast the text of the panel to a number before it goes into the component.

In any event, I just pushed a fix, which will do the type-casting to number as part of the component input:

Give it until tomorrow for the change to make it through out system but, after that, you can run the LB Versioner to get a version of the component for which you do not need to use the workaround I described above.

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Thank you very much @chris!