ERROR Radiation Analysis 1. Solution exception:'int' object is not subscriptable

Dear all, ive got some troubles with my second try to do the radiation analysis. The first try worked out pretty good. Now i used the same script for another geometry, not very complicated. But somehow i get this Error on my radiation analysis. Im very desperate and i checked all, my selcted sky matrix is correct too I guess…

Does anyone have an idea how to solve it? I would very appreciate it!!!

Thanks a lot, Cheers, Chris!

Sorry guys, i cant upload the GH file unfortunately. Dont know why… Hope somebody knows a solution

Well. It is complaining about the selectSkyMtx. Check if it is producing the required output …
Hard to say without the file.

Yes. I alreday checked the selectedSkyMtx more than twice… Somehow i cant upload the file because I just singed up here. Can I send it to you via WeTransfer maybe?

You can paste the link to the files here.

Thanks! Hope it works…

The geometry is not internalized …

Sorry, I thought I did… :confused: what about now?

Now its working, but only because i removed the shed roof. It works now, but just with a cube. Weird… I would like to see the radiation result with the shed roof of course… mhh…

You have and invalid brep that happens to be the big “house”/shed roof.
I exploded the surfaces to get the result, but i recommend you to check your model.


Thanks a lot! Now it works! I just exploded all polysurfaces and joined them again…but it works!