Error reading log files

Dear all,

I am trying to get Butterfly to work. I am using the standard outdoor tutorial script and have installed the latest Butterfly and blue CFD. One potential reason for my trouble is that my standard user directory is located on my D-drive whereas blue CFD is installed on my C-drive. Therefore I have changed the case working directory path and the project directory path in the and the respectively. The BlockMesh script still seems to be looking for a Log directory in blueCFD directory. I have tried altering the err and log directories in the runmanager script as well and did not help. Who can help me solve this mystery?

The blockMesh and the SnappyHexMesh seems to be working when I manually create a log directory in the blueCFD folder. Both components have save their log files here. However the solution component now looks for the log files in the log directory within the project directory (D-drive). In general some log or error files are located in the blueCFD folder some in the project folder. Does anybody have a clue why this is happening?