Error - Run radiance analysis

Hello everyone,
I’m facing an issue with ladybug package specifically with the run radiance analysis node, not really sure what is the problem it keeps on giving me error after creating the file
I tried to uploaded the workflow but it is giving me an error
so I copied the node error below:

Could not CHMOD executable [Error 2] file does not exist oconv.exe
Trace back most recent call …

hope this will work,
thank you

Sounds like you might not have radiance installed correctly.
oconv.exe should be located in your Radiance bin folder

If its not there, I would reinstall radiance

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Hello Fabian,
This is a screen shot of the workflow, it is giving me another error but still the error is at the same stage of the script

Hope this will help

Thank you

If you go to c:\ladybug\demo\demo\solaraccess there should be a commands.bat file. Open the file with a text editor, add a pause to the end of the file. Now save the batch file and run it. You should see the error message that is causing this issue. If you can share the error we can help you to solve the problem.

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Hello mostapha,
i uploaded 2 errors after running the commads.bat file using :
1-Solar access recipe
2-Daylight factor recipe

Thank you for your help


Hi @anthony.hindi,

You have installed Radiance to c:\program files\radiance instead of c:\radiance. The error in solar access recipe is because of that. Radiance cannot file the file since program files has a white space in the name. Copy your radiance folder over to c:\.

Daylight factor runs with no errors as far as I can see.

Hi Mostapha,
i uninstalled radiance and installed instead to c:\radiance,
the Run radiance node did work correctly but i 'm still getting an error in the “generate color” node

Thank you a lot for your help

We are making progress here! :slight_smile:

What is the error message from the node? Click on the yellowish box.

hey MOSTAPHA , I was following the stips u said, and in the lady bug folder, there is no demo folder. even though I followed all the accurate installation stips