Error simulations for Outdoor Comfort: "Manage Sizing"

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to run an energy simulation to calculate the outdoor comfort for an urban canyon. I’ve customized EP constructions, created a ground zone and assigned zone loads with schedules. When I run the simulation, it crashes due to the following errors:

** Warning ** ManageSizing: For a zone sizing run, there must be at least 1 Sizing:Zone input object. SimulationControl Zone Sizing option ignored.
** Warning ** ManageSizing: For a plant sizing run, there must be at least 1 Sizing:Plant object input. SimulationControl Plant Sizing option ignored.
** Warning ** FixViewFactors: View factors not complete. Check for bad surface descriptions or unenclosed zone=“GROUNDZONE_EXTENDED_0”.
** ~~~ ** Enforced reciprocity has tolerance (ideal is 0)=[2.602706E-002], Row Sum (ideal is 1961)=[0.00].
** ~~~ ** If zone is unusual, or tolerance is on the order of 0.001, view factors are probably OK.
** Severe ** For autosizing of ZoneHVAC:IdealLoadsAirSystem 0 IDEAL LOADS AIR SYSTEM, a zone sizing run must be done.
** ~~~ ** No “Sizing:Zone” objects were entered.

I don’t have an HVAC system in the model, so I didn’t use the relative component. I attach here the complete report from EnergyPlus and a link to the .gh file.

Report Errors.docx (18.2 KB)

Could someone help me to understand why it doesn’t work?
Thanks really,