Error - - "Solution exception:'EPZone' object has no attribute 'demandVent'"

I have been getting this error while trying to run energy simulation. I updated all components and downloaded gendaymtx again in the ladybug folder.

But it is still not allowing simulation.

Is there a way to fix this. I’m not sure I understand what it means by ‘demandVent’

Existing Structure_with (627 KB)


I don’t see the error on my system. You may want to enable and disable Honeybee_honeybee and try again.



Thank you. I tried that… Also updated all the components. but now it is showing error saying no .eio file found.

For later reference the issue was duplicated naming of the zone that made EP simulation to crash. The warning for “no .eio file found.” is usually the result of a failed energy simulation so you need to go back and check why EnergyPlus failed to run the analysis.


This is my fault for writing a bad warning on the Read EP Result component. I just put in a better one that includes instructions for what you should do when the Read EP component fails. Check the report out the Run Simulation component to find what is going wrong with your simulation.


Thank you so much Chris and Mostapha,

The naming of the zones in my energy simulation file was incorrect which was preventing the simulation from running and hence showing that error.

It worked after I corrected those names.

Thank you again.