ERROR: Solution exception:Input irradiance data for Wea must be an hourly data collection. Got <type 'str'>

Hello. I’m fairly new to LB and trying to run a simulation of radiation gain of building surfaces of a neighborhood. I use epw files from climate.onebuilding site.I’m following an online tutorial but despite what I see in the tutorial, I get this error. Can you please help me out?
Since I am a new user I cannot attach files.

Hi, @samaka - welcome to the community! See this post for best practices for getting help on the forum.

Hi. Thank you. I will attach a screenshot. I keep getting this error no matter I use an EPW file or use a link form epwmap

You are mixing Legacy with LBT components … which they don’t work together.
Use only LBTs.

Hello Abraham. Thank you for replying. The components I’ve used were selected from the Ladybug tab and not LB-Legacy tab. Is there something else that I am missing?

Hi @samaka,

The red boxed components are legacy, and blue are current.

Hello. Thank you. So how else can I have a radiation analysis? I followed a tutorial and the steps that I followed worked there.

Hi @samaka, as A said mixing new and old components doesn’t work - try replacing the Ladybug_import epw with LB import epw. The number beneath it should read 1.5.x