Error: Solution exception:WindowsError

I got the following error message even after I reinstalled HB+LB:

Solution exception:WindowsError

Can you advise how to solve this problem?

Thank you!

Advice is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


I cannot re-create the error on my machine. Can you show us the output of the Honeybee Vvvvvvvviiiiiizzzz! ? This might have a more specific error message.

Also, if you have a GH file that might enable us to re-create the error, please upload it.


Thanks, Chris!

The five components as shown in the image above are the contents of that GH file.

I’m not with the computer showing this problem now. Let me check as you suggested and revert ASAP.

Dear Chris, may I ask how to get the “output of the Honeybee Vvvvvvvviiiiiizzzz!”?

Do u mean to use a panel component to show the output in “readME!”?


Yes please! Is the error still exist? This is an error when Windows cannot remove or create a directory or a file.

Hey Mostapha,
I am a student and I am new in working with the honeybee. I try to run a Daylight Factor analysis and I couldn’t get the result in the end, all of my results are 00. After I was trying to make an update to Ladybug and Honeybee, I was thinking maybe because of that my model is not working and of course, I had a big warning telling me that the update will not be possible.
After that, I tried to remove Honeybee and of course, it didn’t work also.

Hi @anaG

Based on my experience, if I got zero values, it is probably caused by wrong orientation of the surface which should pointing to the source of light. Please try flipping the surface with zero DF.

If this doesn’t help, please share your GH file with geometries “internalized” so that we can help to take a look.

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