Error when opening HB LB file

Dear all,

For some reason whenever Iopen a HB file an error sign “You should first let Honeybee to fly” always appears on the “Honeybee_ListZonePrograms” and “Honeybee_Call from EP Construction Library” tabs although the HB and LB tabs have always been on the canvas. (Attached are the screen shots)

Whenever I reconnect the tabs they run ok but I am sure this is not what should normally happen.

Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?

Thanks in advance,


You should send the LB_LB and HB_HB components to the back, so they are executed first when the file opens (Ctrl+B). That should work.

Also you can Disable/Enable the previous ones and then disable/enable the faulty components (Ctrl+E).

No need to reconnect.