Error while calculating ASE


I am calculating SDA and ASE for LEED and getting following error.

1. Solution exception:Direct values are not available to calculate ASE.
In most of the cases this is because you are using a point in time recipe or the three-phase recipe. You should use one of the daylight coefficient based recipes or the 5 phase recipe instead.

I referred to the previous posts regarding the same issue, however in this case its a run error. and using other recipes is not working.
All the components are latest Honeybee (+), as suggested in the example file from github for annual daylight grid-based analysis. In the same file ASE was calculated using three phase method.

Should I check other components using same method? or try further using DC recipe or 5 phase recipe?

Thank you all in advance.

As you mentioned you should use the annual daylight or daylight coefficient recipes instead. You need direct sunlight for calculating direct sunlight which is not available in a 3-Phase calculation. You don’t need 5-Phase. The direct calculation in daylight coefficient is the same as the one in 5-Phase.

We should probably drop the 3 and 5 Phase recipes from the next release so it doesn’t get people confused.

I was using Annual Daylight recipe before, which gave me this error.
After reinstalling the honeybee, Daylight coeff recipe worked well now!

Thank you!

@mostapha I would like to say PLEASE do not remove 5-phase I have finally successfully utilized to do multi-state electrochromic with ASE as you identified above. (Unless there is a different method to do multi-state and produce UDI/SDA/ASE).