Error while running recolor mesh

Hi Team,
I have been trying to run an outdoor Solar MRT study by generating a mesh over the study area, but i keep getting this error message:

  1. length of the results [=1] is not equal to the number of mesh faces [=2320] or mesh vertices[=2430].

Could i know how to solve this ?
Also below is the link from the example on hydrashare:

Of course. Search for this in the forum. Had been discussed plenty of times.
Welcome to the forum.

Hi Abraham,

Thanks for the reply.
I have checked the other discussion, and changed tried the methods that were discussed such as flattening the mesh, and adding a mesh join…but no luck…
I have attached a sample of the work here, for your reference, if in case there is something that i am missing (438.3 KB)

You are mixing versions (Legacy and LBT). But this is not the main error.
I suggest looking at the example in the LBT file you downloaded from food4rhino. There is a samples directory. Look for the ladybug/ and/or
I’m sure you’ll get the picture clearer.

Hi @Linit. I have modified your script to visualise the data on the test surface. A best practice would be analysing a single day as the time period for faster calculation of UTCI map. Check the workflow. (63.4 KB)

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THANK YOU @Asisnath, your workflow worked perfectly on my prototype!
Since I’m a beginner, I was really stuck, but this really helped! Also, the new update is fairly different from the older versions i suppose…

Also, increasing the grid size helped in reducing the time for calulation!
Thanks a lot for taking the time out to sort this out :smile:

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