Error while running the Urban Weather Generator/Dragonfly: **list index out of range**

Hello Everyone,
I tried to use the Urban Weather Generator tool, which is inside the Dragonfly. I do not have any errors regarding the epw file that I have provided, buildings, or other geometries. However, I am getting this error when I run the Urban Weather Generator:

  1. Solution exception:The UWG failed to run:
    UWG model simulation failed.
    list index out of range
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "C:\Users.…

The error continues with the file locations. Can anyone help me with solving this?

We would need a sample Grasshopper file and EPW file to recreate the error on our end in order to be of any help here. It seems like it’s an uncaught exception within the UWG package.

Thank you for responding.

I don’t know how relevant my solution is but it was solved when I tried to rescale the terrain geometry slightly. No more errors.