Error while trying to use the component: Honeybee_color surfaces by EP result

Here is the error (i have also attached an image):

Runtime error (UnboundNameException): name ‘lb_preparation’ is not defined
line 336, in manageInputOutput, “<string>”
line 691, in script

Hi Nishant,

Do you have Ladybug_Ladybug on your canvas?


hey devang,

I did try deleting and recalling the components on my canvas (ladybug_ladybug and Honeybee_color surfaces). Didnt help.

Can you share the file please?

sure! please see the attached file. sorry for the messy canvas. (1.05 MB)


As Tooltip reads on analysisPeriod_ input for the Honeybee_Color surfaces by EP result component, “the connected data is for a full year.” Disconnecting analysisPeriod should fix this error.