Error with comfort mannequin "too many values to unpack"

I’ve been following Chris’ tutorial specifically the Outdoor UTCI tutorial under Ladybug Comfort tutorials and I’m wondering why the comfort mannequin component is getting an error.

I’ve tried both plugging in data from the epw and using plain numbers, both won’t make the mannequin work properly, it’s been displaying “Solution exception: too many values to unpack”.

Hi Pin,

I think you should update your LB version. As you can see from the image below, it works fine by using the latest version of LB.

Use “Ladybug_Update Ladybug” component to update LB.


Thanks for the reply.

How do I update LB+HB? Do I have to repeat the same processes on top of the installed LB+HB or do I have to uninstall them first?


Hi Pin,

You can update your LB version directly by using “Ladybug_Update Ladybug”.

It comes from here:



Thank you very much.

Hi all,

same problem, but updating didn’t help. Do you know, what can be the problem?

Hi Agnieszka,

I think the update failed in your case, because I see some old dates on your components.
You should try to update again, but if you are in trouble you could try this procedure (manual update):

  1. go to:
    2) click on “clone or download”/Download ZIP

3) Download and extract the folder wherever you want on your machine

  1. Open the folder and open “userObjects”

  1. you’ll see something like this

  1. open Grasshopper/File/Special Folders/User Object Folder

  1. Select and delete all Ladybug components

  1. Drag all components of the point 5) into the canvas of Grasshopper wherever you want or inside the “User Object Folder”… it is the same thing.

And it should be fine.

Let me know if it works.



Thank you very much, it helped! :slight_smile: