Error with DF Envimet Read Library

Dear Antonello, dear all,
I opened a dragonfly legacy script, a couple of months old, and I got the following error in the DF Envimet Read Library component:
“1. Solution exception:Il carattere ‘¤’, valore esadecimale 0xA4, non può essere utilizzato in un nome. Riga 407, posizione 17.”

This happens with each possible “_selectMaterial”. If I connect the envimetFolder, the error disappears, so it seems to have something to do with Envimet default library. I recently updated Envimet to 5.1.1 version.

I hope somebody has a solution.

Thank you so much, Letizia

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@lemar could you find the solution? thank you in adavnce, i am having the same issue


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I am also facing the same issue

Hello, were you able to find a solution?
Thank you so much in advance!