Error with old image based simulation and new image based simulation


When I run an image based analysis it works for the older component but with the new component I am receiving an error which I can’t understand (see attached picture)

Image based bug RR (511 KB)

Can you share the .err file from inside the study folder?

Please find it attached here:

error.txt (440 Bytes)

Thanks. This should not give you an error. I will get this fixed later today or tomorrow.


Roya, The analysis is running on my machine with no issues. I’m not sure why it give you an error. Can you try to set the number of cpus to 1 and then run the analysis? Make sure you have the view set correctly and can see the room in the view.


We just realized what the issue is after seeing a few people encouner this in a workshop. When you see the black command line window pop up, DO NOT close it. This is a window indicating that the analysis is running. If you close it, the analysis will stop running before it finishes and you will get the error that you have reported here. If you wait for the window to finish, it will close on its own when the analysis is done.