Error with Read Annual Results I

So the issue is related to the Read Annual Results I. The error that I get is ‘Solution exception: Index out of range

I performed an annual simulation and calculated the Daylight Autonomy for a building with 8 floors and an atrium. I fetch the data that I need to use from the Daylight folder which contains all the data related to the daylight study I performed.

My data stream has 9 branches (0 to 8) where number 1 is the atrium floor while the rest (0 and 2-8 ) are the floors of the building. The same is true for the data points. I have 4 .ill files When I use the Read Annual Results II component, it works fine but when I use the Read Annual Results I, it produces the error ‘Solution exception: Index out of range’. Take a look at the image below

Would anybody know how to resolve this?

PS: My Ladybug and Honeybee are upto date.

Maybe the folder path has the space.Please try to erase it.

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