Read Annual Result 1 Error: Solution Exception: index out of range:0

Hi Ladybug Community!

Thanks again for these tools and your contributions so far. I’ve encountered an error recently when trying to read the annual results for a simulation. The simulation seems to have run fine but I can’t seem to isolate what might be cause the error. I’ve looked at similar posts/problems encountered here:

But no luck on the resolution based on their responses. I’ve also tried rerunning the simulation 2x, after cleaning up my initial meshes. I was wondering if it might be a size issue as the model has slightly over 34k test points on a 1m grid resolution. I’ve been able to obtain results with the other types of analysis, i.e. illuminance, daylight factor - so i’m not particularly sure if the issue is stemming from the component or the geometry.

I am attached an internalised gh definition and the simulation study folder here:

Would you guys be able to help to pinpoint the cause of the error?

Best Regards,