Errors in Eneregy Simualtion

I’m trying to simulate a room that has an external shading device by using an E+ component in GH. I got many errors!!!
please see the photo and the text file.

EneregySimulationTest.err (812.1 KB)

Can anyone please tell me where the problem is?

Thanks in advance,

According to your error log you have 128 degenerate surfaces. Which to me tells me you have a non-convex surfaces.

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Another thing is the error log says you do not have a weather file attached.
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Best of luck

Hi @FabianPosadas,

I still got errors!

I included a gh file. Can someone give a hand to see where the problem is? (592.0 KB)

Thanks in advance,

Hi @rsalelwani,
This issue is about epw weather data.Generally, which means Energyplus cannot locate weather file.
Make sure the weather file directory (Epw path) has no white_space and any special characters. If the issue persists, please share your epw file and the destination that you provided.

Hi and thanks for your reply @OmidmRashidi

I used the same file for daylight simulation which worked properly but it’s not working with Energy+ simulation.
here is the file that I used.

SAU_Jeddah_MN6.epw (1.4 MB)

Can you share file path as text that you have chosen?
Like this:
As you can see, I put the epw file in drive C and there is no white_space_and_any_Special_character in the path.

C:\Users\rsale\OneDrive - Cardiff University\PhD_Documents\Raed_first_Draft\SAU_JEDDAH_MN6

Is it?

@rsalelwani, Your path is too long and has some white space. Copy and put the epw file into Energyplus WeatherData folder that I mentioned in previous post and use it for the simulation.

It should solve the issue.