Errors in export to open studio

Hi everyone!

I’m getting an error and a warning when exporting to openstudio:

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to solve this?




You can see here ( that this results from the fact the OpenStudio does not currently support the use of CSV schedules and we have to write a work-around in Honeybee to be able to get your Honeybee-assigned CSV schedules to be in your energy model.

To get rid of the component failure in your image, you are going to have to replace the ‘OpenStudioMasterTemplate.idf’ in your ladybug default folder with the one on the github here:…

I apologize for this extra step but this implementation of CSV schedule capability on OpenStudio was really meant to be a rough hack until the OpenStuido team implements this capability on their own software and SDK in a year or so.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the quick response. You suggestion fixed the problem.



Hi Chris,

I was chearing a bit to soon as I’ve ran into another problem a bit run into another problem: I’m recieving severe errors which state that I’m giving an invalid schedule name. When I open the IDF I see that the Schedule:file section is empty whilst I’ve set schedules to each zone using the setEP zone schedules component. I’ve also tried updating this component to the March 14th 2016 version from github but this has not been succesfull

Do you have any ideas?



Hi Sam, There is an error in your schedule. Are you changing the schedule for occupancy?

Hi Chris!

I have the same problem! (1. Failed to find Office Bldg Light in the Honeybee schedule library. - 1. Solution exception:‘NoneType’ object is unsubscriptable).

I have tried to replace the ‘OpenStudioMasterTemplate.idf’ in my ladybug default folder but this doesn’t seem to change the things.

By now I am only trying to open your “Trees_in_Outdoors_Thermal_Comfort” so the problem is not a mistake in the workflow.

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This is a different issue than the one at the top of this discussion. Do you see that Honeybee_Honeybee had loaded in the schedules like so:


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the quick response, unfortunately I haven’t understood what I should do to fix my problem!

This is what i get when I open it!

Thanks a lot,


Hi Chris, I miss the scheduless! How can I fix it?

I would open a new discussion for this.

Hi Chris,
I have tried this too but it doesn’t work for me either. What should I do to fix it, please? I have many schedules in .csv format.
AntoniettaEnergy (1.0 MB)

Hi, Chris
When I try to use the example of Outdoor Microclimate Map, in, it dosnt work. I get the following error :

Check your units and tolerance in rhino.

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i have the same error did you find the solution for this

Hi everyone.
I’m encountering the same “currently open studio does not support csv file as a schedule” error even after replacing the new OpenStudioMasterTemplate.idf file in the ladybug folder.
(using ladybug-honeybee legacy and OpenStudio 2.9.1 here)
Any suggestions how to fix it? :pray:

I would just recommend using LBT 1.4, which uses a version of OpenStudio that has full support for CSV schedules.

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Hello again.
I moved to LadyBugTools 1.4.0 to be able to use custom csv schedules and I’m a bit confused about its workflow. should I connect my .csv file path to “LB Load Data” component? Or does the old “HoneyBee_create csv schedule” still work in the LadyBugTools?

These are the errors I got. And please let me know what I’m doing wrong.

  1. Although the schedule exists in the EPCSVSchedules folder.