Errors using HB Adaptive Comfort Map, possibly EnergyPlus/Open Studio 3.3.0


I’m getting this error from HB AdaptiveMap panel and not sure why. A coworker was able to run it successfully with the same inputs.
I’m running all of the most recent versions of software: LB 1.3.0 and OpenStudio 3.3.0.


Looking at the error reports, it seems like the Adaptive Comfort Map panel is unable to run EnergyPlus successfully. Here are some lines from the error report:

EnergyPlus Starting
2021-11-24 13:30:16 INFO: EnergyPlus, Version 9.6.0-4b123cf80f, YMD=2021.11.24 13:30
2021-11-24 13:30:16 INFO: **FATAL:Errors occurred on processing input file. Preceding condition(s) cause termination.
2021-11-24 13:30:16 INFO: EnergyPlus Run Time=00hr 00min 0.13sec
2021-11-24 13:30:16 INFO: Program terminated: EnergyPlus Terminated–Error(s) Detected.

Not sure if this is helpful, but I get this other error from running an energy simulation (on a simple rectangular box) that I had not had previous to installing the newer OpenStudio. (I had problems with using AdaptiveMap earlier to installing the new version with different errors)

If I save Open Studio v 3.2.1 as in a folder called openstudio in the ladybug tools folder in C:/Users/[user]/ladybug_tools THEN there is no error.

But it doesn’t seem to work with openstudio v3.3.0.

Yes, that’s the issue, @sshimizu . You should always check the compatibility matrix to ensure that you have the correct version of the simulation engines installed:

It seems that you are using the last stable release of LBT 1.3, which is intended to work with OpenStudio 3.2.

I did download v3.2 initially and was having errors, which led me to trying out the new version.

But turns out that the file location of openstudio was not installed in the ‘correct’ location/had to manually place it in the ladybug_tools folder.