Errors while converting Breps to HBSurface

Hi Everyone,

I was trying to convert a bunch of Breps into HBSurfaces and ran into the following error:

  1. Solution exception:‘NoneType’ object is unsubscriptable

I tried troubleshooting the file by testing Breps individually and found the errors occur in the case of Open Breps (especially those which seem to have lines in them).

Closed Breps and Untrimmed surfaces seem to work fine.

Can anyone point me to a solution/workaround for this ? My gh file with internalized geometry is attached.


Sarith (18.5 KB)

Hi Sarith,

You have to use closed-boundary geometry for creatHBsurfaces. The solution that you can try is re-creating the open brep.

-Mingbo (615 KB)

Thank you ! I was at my wit’s end with this one…

Hi @sarith, @MingboPeng
I think I am facing the same problem but your files and pictures can not be loaded it may be for the old forum referring.
Can you help me on this?

Hi @Nariman.Rafati, it will be easier for everyone to help if you open a new topic and share a simplified file to recreate the error. Thanks.