Errors with customized HB ConstructionSet

Hi everyone,
I face a problem while using customized HB ConstructionSet for simulation with HB Annual Loads. When I used the customized construction set, it gives this error:

  1. Solution exception: ** Fatal ** Errors occurred on processing input file. Preceding condition(s) cause termination.
    Here is the specification of the ConstructionSet I used:

When I used the default construction set, the HB Annual Loads worked normally. Here is the specification of the default construction set for comparison:

I check the material properties of both construction set and find that they are quite similar.
The simulation with HB to OSM component works fine with the customized set.
Do you have any idea how this error happened?
Also this is the version I used:

Thank you in advance!

Thanks @VC171 ,

Can you share a grasshopper file with your custom construction set?

It seems like there is something invalid about it, which we should be catching and reporting on the components as you create the construction set instead of running EnergyPlus and getting a simulation failure.

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Thanks for your reply @chris,
I attached the grasshopper file. About my workflow, I am using Rhino.Inside. Revit to extract geometrical and material data from a Revit model to create Honeybee rooms and construction set. In the file, you can see I extracted the exterior wall and roof material to create HB opaque material.
I’m a new user so I cannot upload the file. Please use this link instead:


Hi @chris,
Just to update, I modified the grasshopper document a bit so that my customized construction set resembles the default construction set. I found out that the HB Annual Loads works when only one opaque construction is connected to the exterior construction subset. When 2 opaque materials are connected to the exterior subset, the error remains.
You can have a look at this new file: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

I wasn’t really able to recreate the issue with the Grasshopper file since it has a bunch of extra plugin components that I don’t have installed. But I’m fairly confident this is the same problem that is discussed here:

Just using unique names for materials and constructions should fix the issue (or not plugging in any name at all).

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