Evalglare from a camera


here is my first topic in Discourse.

I am wondering, is it possible to run Evalglare on normal HDR pictures (took from a camera)?

I am getting this error: 1. Failed to find size of the picture. It will be set to 800.

And the picture should be a fisheye format?!

Thank you


HDR_II_Photosphere.pdf (3.6 MB)
This should help.

Thank you for your fast reply! but i am using windows…is there Photosphere for windows7?


and how can I attached a file?. I would like to share it…

Hi @joe88,

You need to edit the header of HDR image manually and ensure the size is part of the header. If the image is not a fish-eye email then you need to do some extra work. See these topics from radiance’s email list:

HDR Photos with evalglare
Evalglare with regular lens
Image formatting for input to evalglare

hey Mostapha,

thank you for your reply! I will check them !


Hi @joe88,

you may also wanna check this guys here, they have developed software for PCs and iphone.


thanks mate,